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Climate change has become the burning issue of our time, a make-or-break factor that could shape the fate of countless businesses in the next five years! This is the moment to unleash the power of your eco-friendly side and make a bold statement. Here's why:

"The changing climate of sustainability has reached a critical moment, and the next five years will bring dramatic change as companies transform to meet new demands, guidelines, and realities of doing business." states the NielsenIQ Sustainability Report.

It goes on to say,

"Authentic action from proactive and genuine companies will have a strategic advantage as industries scramble to meet requirements and mandate sustainable efforts."

This shouts out how fast we need to act!

On this page we share:

1. The concerning reality of businesses that try to avoid going green.
2. Three simple steps to becoming a greener business.
3. How to showcase your action steps to becoming greener.

Businesses that don't go green could soon be gone

Nikki Lavoie from Savanta , states, "Let's see what Generation Alpha does when they've got their spending power. If you are not playing the sustainability game, pretty soon you're not even going to be in the running."

How alarming is that! But don't worry - you're on this page because you do care.Well, thankfully Greener Mail gives you the power to make an instant positive impact, skyrocketing your sustainable efforts and reducing your carbon footprint.
Read on to discover how.


Over 60% of consumers expect brands to have clear sustainability practices." TwoSides


"66% of global consumers say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands." Nielsen

3 Steps to Becoming Greener

We are here to help you build a brand that drives success and champions the cause of protecting our precious planet. You can make a transformative impact with just three simple steps:

1. Choose carbon balancing.

Carbon balancing (offsetting) icon as a seesaw

By choosing carbon balancing, you are taking a stance against climate change. We show you exactly how many kg of carbon you have balanced and how many m2 of endangered carbon-rich habitats you have protected.

2. Inspire others.

Icon to encourage other businesses to be sustainable

As you embark on your eco-friendly journey, don't forget to inspire. By showcasing your commitment to sustainability, you can become a catalyst for like-minded businesses.

3. Reduce carbon. Reduce bills.

Icon showing reducing bills and reducing carbon emissions

By optimising energy usage, adopting renewable sources, and implementing sustainable practices, you can reduce your carbon emissions while cutting down on operational costs - a win-win!

Our blog shares much more on these three steps, including links to government funded schemes that make it more affordable than ever before to upgrade to greener solutions: Build your Brand. Protect Our Planet

Become a Greener Ambassador

Upon selecting any of our greener services, you can automatically become one of our Greener Ambassadors! Not only will you be doing your part to protect the planet, but you'll also enjoy all the perks that come with having these sustainable credentials.

1. Add the World Land Trust logo to every piece of paper you touch, including your envelopes and packaging.

2. Be awarded certification demonstrating how many kg of CO2 you have balanced (offset) and how many m2 of threatened tropical habitat you have protected and restored.

3. Receive e-certificates, social media images and other collateral to help spread the word and encourage others to follow your example.

World Land Trust carbon balanced paper certificate
World Land Trust carbon balanced paper certificate

Whether it's individual letters to customers, a massive leaflet campaign, your packaging or all your stationery - you can include the Trio-Stamp to all of them (Carbon Balanced Print logo, our Greener Mail logo and Love Paper logo). It's like an eco-friendly power trio!

World Land Trust carbon balanced paper certificate

So get ready to show the world how you're making a real difference. It's time to go green and get recognised for truly caring about our climate.

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