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Greener Leaflet Distribution? Really?

Greener Leaflet Distribution? Really?

A few weeks ago, I talked with the Marketing Manager for a chain of Estate Agents considering a leaflet distribution campaign. I asked if her company had any green initiatives and if they would like us to provide a greener leaflet distribution for them. 

I described how she could make an instant impact thanks to our Carbon Balanced Printer status, whereby we could tangibly calculate and certify all the CO2 they had balanced (offset) and how many m2 of endangered carbon-rich habitats she could protect and restore. 

I even shared that her flyers could feature our Greener Mail logo, the World Land Trust logo and the Love Paper logo, all to show how much her company cares about the environment.

Her frank response to my heartfelt, compelling sales pitch was, "I think printing leaflets defeats the concept of being 'greener'."

What!? I couldn't believe her response! However, with deep breaths, I exercised all my self-control and decided it wasn't worth trying to convert someone with such an outlook. 

But it dawned on me how this lady won't be alone. In fact, a Two Sides survey revealed: 

"39% of European consumers believe that paper is a wasteful product and 37% believe it is bad for the environment."

Thankfully, you probably know that leaflet distribution remains one of the most effective marketing strategies around and one of the most sustainable.

This blog backs up your thoughts on the enormous benefits of greener door drops - both from a response rate and an environmentally friendly perspective. 

We will also share how Greener Mail makes it possible for you to make an instant positive impact on our environment - doing so much more than just planting a few trees (which incidentally take a good 20 years before they actually have a positive impact!).

Leaflet Distribution is Super Effective

Before looking at how green flyer distributions can be, it's worth confirming their effectiveness - no matter how green the service, what's the point if you won't see a useful ROI! 

Online marketing is on the rise for sure. But with that comes extra online competition. Many of your competitors are unaware of the huge (and less competitive) advantages of print-based marketing (especially when you combine print with online). 

So let's see some of the benefits you have at your disposal:

40% "Mail is one of the most effective ways to reach the Gen Z audience – with JICMAIL showing that this audience is 40% more likely to claim that mail can change their mind about a brand than the average GB adult." - MarketReach
62% - "The proportion of UK consumers that are more likely to open a physical letter than an email". - MarketReach
70% "The research shows that when people consume mail, the parts of their brain associated with laying down long-term memories were over 70% more active than when consuming TV and 40% more active than for email." - DMA
88% "...of Gen Z respondents would prefer brand experiences which are delivered by blending digital and physical channels." - YouGov
90%"...of campaigns that included door drops saw an increase in new customers, compared to 59% of those without ." MarketReach
These are stats no serious marketeer or business owner wants to miss out on!

Going Green Grows Your Business

So, door to door marketing is certainly effective. But why not just do a standard campaign rather than a greener, more environmentally friendly one?

Once again, rather than basing anything on my bias, let's look at the stats:

20% "Companies...integrating social impact into their business were able to enhance sales by as much as 20%." - Inc
55% "...of young people in the UK say they would be more loyal to a brand that was reducing its carbon footprint." - Carbon Trust
60% "Over 60% of consumers expect brands to have clear sustainability practices." - TwoSides
66% "...of global consumers say they're willing to pay more for sustainable brands." Nielsen

Going green then looks good for your business. But companies like the estate agency I opened with, what could happen to them?

"Let's see what Generation Alpha does when they've got their spending power. If you are not playing the sustainability game, pretty soon you're not even going to be in the running." - Nikki Lavoie, EVP of Global Experience Strategy at Savanta

Comments like this are rife! Hopefully, more and more businesses will open their eyes to the importance and benefits of going green before it's too late for them. 

The good news is you're reading this blog because you do understand, and you really do care.

Greener Mail gives you the power to demonstrate how much you care and to make an instant positive impact. 

How Environmentally Friendly is Leaflet Distribution?

Propaganda and greenwashing on paper, print, forests, and online marketing is in full swing! As a result, people taking a surface-level view of things presume online marketing is a more sustainable option than print-based marketing. 

So, what's the truth? Once again, let's look at the stats and you can decide for yourself: 

" emissions generated by emails is estimated to be 300 million tonnes of CO2 a year - equivalent to the annual emissions of 63 million cars." -  Two Sides


"The share of digital technologies in global greenhouse gas emissions has increased by half since 2013." -  Two Sides

And worse...

"The electronic waste problem is also colossal and growing. In 2019 the industry was responsible for a gigantic 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste across the world. That's the equivalent to the weight of 350 cruise ships, and up an alarming 21% over the past five years." -  Two Sides

It's so easy to think that using a phone for marketing must be sustainable. But all that's powering those functions on your phone (such as the enormous server centres) is clearly having such a detrimental impact. 

Is that the case for paper-based marketing too? Let's take a look:

"Paper is based on wood, a natural and renewable material. Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world and epitomises the circular economy model of make, use, recycle and reuse."
"In 2020, a total of 56 million tonnes of paper was collected and recycled in Europe – a recycling rate of 74%. This is approaching the estimated practical maximum of 78%. For paper packaging, the recycling rate is even higher, with 83% of paper and cardboard packaging being recycled in Europe. Paper is the most recycled packaging material." - Two Sides
"Paper ensures healthy growing forests, with an indispensable role in climate and biodiversity protection." - Two Sides

"The print and paper industry is one of the lowest industrial greenhouse gas emitters in Europe, accounting for just 0.8% of emissions. This is low compared to non-metallic mineral products industries (5.6%) and basic metal industries (4.8%)." - Two Sides

These quotes could go on and on...and they don't even go into the incredible benefits of forests. But as I'm preaching to the converted, the above is sufficient! 

Top 3 Leaflet Drop Strategies

You now have all the facts in play. You are more confident than ever that leaflet distribution campaigns align with your desire to market your business as sustainably as possible. 

But are there undiscovered nuggets which, when implemented, could see your ROI soar? 

Here are our top three leaflet distribution strategies:

  1. Reach the right people using targeted demographic data
  2. Send the right message with compelling and actionable artwork
  3. Go to them consistently - known as drip effect marketing

Here's a breakdown of each:

1 - Reach the right people using targeted demographic data

Effective marketing begins with an image of your perfect customer. Where are they, how old are they, what's their affluence like, are they rural or city dwellers? We take this info to provide demographic reports that identify your most appropriate postcode sectors.

2 - Send the right message with compelling and actionable artwork

Remembering your perfect customer image, create artwork that will resonate directly with them. Keep the design concise with an enticing headline, eye-catching image, and compelling call to action (CTA), which will directly benefit your perfect customer.

3 - Go to them consistently - drip effect marketing

As soon as these perfect potential customers receive your first flyer, they will immediately take action and convert into a client, right? If only it were so easy! The best brands become so because they acknowledge that people must consistently see your message before responding - known as drip effect marketing. Your competitors often opt for the one-hit-wonder pot-luck approach, so drip effect marketing will help you stride ahead.

We Do It All For You

At Greener Mail, we're leading the way with carbon-balanced leaflet drops. That means every leaflet we print is offset by supporting conservation efforts through our partnership with World Land Trust

You even receive certificates that calculate and reveal the amount of CO2 you've balanced (offset) and how many m2 of threatened tropical habitat you have protected and restored.

To make it completely hassle-free, we do it all for you. The package includes demographic postcode sector data, design, carbon-balanced print, fulfilment, and distribution. 

The service is nationwide, reaching over 29 million addresses - from rural farms in the Scottish Highlands to the bustling streets in the centre of London! 

If you're looking for a complex campaign or are new to leaflet distribution and need help figuring out where to start, our Sales Consultants are here for you. 

Alternatively, suppose you have a good idea of what you're after and would like the freedom to order online anytime, anywhere - use our online SAAS platform. Target specific postcode sectors, upload or order artwork, choose (carbon-balanced) print and book your distribution in just 5 minutes!

Your leaflet distribution campaigns can be super effective and so sustainable with Greener Mail!

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