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SME Climate Hub: A Revolution for Climate Action

SME Climate Hub: A Revolution for Climate Action

Are you ready to unlock the power of small and medium-sized businesses in the fight against climate change? Look no further than the electrifying SME Climate Hub—a non-profit global initiative that empowers businesses like yours to take bold climate action and build resilient enterprises for a brighter future!

Join forces with the SME Climate Hub, backed by the formidable alliance of the We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and the brilliant minds at Normative and the Net Zero team at Oxford University. 

The SME Climate Hub is leading the way in the fight against climate change, empowering businesses to take a stand. It's a powerful movement that inspires and guides companies toward the ambitious goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. 

Greener Mail proudly stands alongside the SME Climate Hub, ready to revolutionise the way we do business for a greener future.

United Nations' Race to Zero: Join the Movement

The SME Climate Hub is part of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, a global movement to rally businesses, cities, and organisations in the fight against climate change. 

By joining forces with the SME Climate Hub and Greener Mail, you become part of this transformative movement. Together, we can achieve a world where carbon neutrality is the norm and sustainability is at the forefront of every business.

Commitment in Action: Greener Mail's Pledge

At Greener Mail, we don't just talk about climate action—we act. As a committed member of the SME Climate Hub, we pledge to lead by example. By 2030, we will halve our emissions. By 2050, we will achieve net zero emissions. 

We hold ourselves accountable by reporting our progress annually. It's time to make a real difference and show the world what can be achieved when businesses commit to a sustainable future.

Carbon-Balanced Services: Powering Your Green Journey

Choosing Greener Mail means choosing a partner dedicated to combatting climate change. We don't stop at offsetting our own emissions—we extend our commitment to every service we offer. 

From print and leaflet distribution to direct mail and pick and pack fulfilment, all our services' print and packaging elements can be carbon-balanced through our partnership with the World Land Trust. So every action you take with us is a step towards a greener world.

When you choose Greener Mail, you're making an instant impact against climate change. Our certificates proudly showcase the amount of CO2 you've offset and the area of endangered woodland and habitats you've protected. It's a tangible representation of the positive change you're making for the planet.

Your business can make the change too

Take a moment to evaluate your business's environmental impact. Then, embrace the climate action revolution and choose Greener Mail for your print, leaflet distribution, direct mail, and pick and pack fulfilment needs. Together, we'll create a greener future, one carbon-balanced step at a time.

Say goodbye to the old ways of doing business and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of transformation. The SME Climate Hub is your passport to a world where climate action is not just a responsibility but an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Let's rewrite the rules of the game, turning challenges into triumphs. We'll help you unleash your business's potential to make a real impact, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

It's time to rise above the crowd and become a climate action hero. Your business can join the SME Climate Hub today and be part of a global movement that's rewriting the future—one business at a time!

For more information on how to join, visit:

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