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Two Sides: The Sustainable Power of Print and Paper

Two Sides: The Sustainable Power of Print and Paper

Are you ready to shatter misconceptions and unleash the full potential of print, paper, and paper packaging? Look no further than Two Sides—a remarkable global initiative that celebrates the sustainable and attractive attributes of these timeless mediums.

How Two Sides Promotes Paper's Sustainable Power

Two Sides' mission is to reinforce confidence in the print industry and reshape how the world perceives its environmental impact.

How? By taking bold steps and rallying industry members to support their mission and principles. They're here to promote sustainability, debunk myths, and arm stakeholders with the facts they need to make informed decisions. 

Two Sides operates at the forefront of promoting the sustainable use of paper and paper-based marketing and packaging. Through their global network of members, they champion the environmental advantages, recyclability, and renewable nature of paper, ensuring businesses understand the true impact of their choices.

Greener Mail and Two Sides: Crusading for Sustainable Paper Practices

As a partner-level member of Two Sides, Greener Mail proudly joins the crusade to amplify the sustainable benefits of paper and dismiss the myths surrounding it. 

With our shared mission, we're on the front lines of the anti-greenwashing campaign, ensuring that businesses embrace paper's true potential for a greener future.

With Two Sides by our side, we're here to revolutionise how businesses communicate their greener messaging and combat climate change.

Greener Mail's Commitment with Two Sides

At Two Sides, all members share a common vision and work tirelessly to make a positive impact. Here are the key principles we align on:

1. Environmental and Social Responsibility

To conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We embrace this principle, ensuring that every action contributes to sustainable development.

2. Embracing Sustainable Materials

We're champions of forest certification schemes and the practical use of recycled fibre in suitable products. We actively support these initiatives, promoting responsible sourcing and making a tangible difference.

3. Sustainable Raw Material Purchasing

We encourage the purchasing of raw materials from sustainably managed sources. By prioritising sustainable procurement practices, we contribute to the long-term health of our planet.

4. Minimising Environmental Footprints

Reducing our environmental impact is crucial. Therefore, we strive to eliminate or minimise adverse environmental effects, working towards a world where sustainability is at the forefront of every business operation.

5. Championing Recycling and Waste Reduction

Effective recycling schemes and waste minimisation are top priorities. Our team is responsible for waste management, ensuring that print, paper, and paper packaging waste have a minimal environmental impact.

6. Energy and Resource Efficiency

Sustainability starts with efficient resource usage. We optimise water and energy consumption and continually improve our operations' overall sustainability.

A Greener Partnership for a Sustainable Future

When you choose Greener Mail, you're not only making a positive impact on the environment, but you're also taking a significant step toward leveraging paper for good. 

With our services, your instant impact can be measured in terms of CO2 balanced (offset) and the area (in kg) of endangered woodland and habitat protected. So, together, let's combat climate change and create a greener future.

In a world driven by digital communication, it's time to rediscover the extraordinary sustainability of print, paper, and paper packaging. Join forces with Two Sides and Greener Mail in this sustainable revolution. 

Together, we'll debunk greenwashing, promote the unique attributes of paper, and unleash your business's environmental impact. With our carbon balanced services and commitment to sustainability, we'll measure your instant impact and protect endangered habitats. 

So embrace paper for a greener future today!

To learn more about Two Sides, or if you would like to become a member, please visit:

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