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Discover The Facts About Paper with Love Paper

Discover The Facts About Paper with Love Paper

Love Paper operates tirelessly to promote the unique attributes of paper. We believe in the paper revolution—a movement that embraces its timeless appeal while driving environmental consciousness. Their mission is simple yet powerful: 

"To showcase the sustainable and captivating attributes of print, paper, and paper packaging."

From its environmental credentials to its ability to enhance mental well-being, learning, and creativity, paper remains an irreplaceable part of our lives, even in today's digital world.

As consumers, we're increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our choices. When it comes to packaging, paper stands out as the natural choice for sustainability. It's renewable, recyclable, and fosters new ideas and creativity. 

Love Paper empowers you with a wealth of resources that highlight the multitude of ways paper benefits us all.

The Astonishing Facts About Paper

At Greener Mail, we have partnered with Love Paper to share with you some rather astonishing facts about paper, which will dismiss the myths and reveal what's really going on:

1.Paper loves trees!

The paper industry relies on sustainable forest management to ensure a steady supply of wood fibre, the crucial raw material for its products. In addition, well-managed forests offer numerous benefits to society, including livelihoods, ecosystem services, and biodiversity.

Did you know that European forests, which provide over 90% of the wood fibre for the region's paper mills, have been growing at an astonishing rate? Between 2005 and 2020, they expanded by over 58,390 km² – that's bigger than Switzerland! Picture this: it's like having 1,500 football pitches of forest growth daily! In the past 30 years, the forest area in Europe has increased by 9%.

The European pulp and paper industry is committed to sustainability. Over 80% of the pulp they purchase is certified, ensuring responsible sourcing practices.

Forests have a profound impact on society. They directly support the livelihoods of 20% of the global population and offer recreational and cultural value. 

Forests provide essential products, renewable energy, and natural carbon capture and storage. They also play a critical role in controlling floods, reducing erosion risks, and protecting watersheds which supply our water. Moreover, forests are home to a staggering 80% of terrestrial biodiversity.

Well-managed forests are a vital component of planned landscapes. They help alleviate pressure on natural forests, safeguard biodiversity, preserve ecosystem services, and enhance human well-being. Forests are truly remarkable, and the paper industry is proud to promote their sustainable growth and usage.

"European forests have been growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day!" Love Paper

2. Paper is Super Recyclable!

Europe is doing an incredible job when it comes to recycling paper! In 2020, the paper recycling rate reached a whopping 74%, keeping those fibres in the loop for longer and maximising the benefits of their renewable origin. We're getting close to the practical maximum recycling rate of 78%!

In certain regions, recycling rates even soar to 80%. That's quite impressive! Some paper products can't be recycled due to their long shelf life (think books) or archiving purposes (like records). Others get destroyed or contaminated during use (think tissue and hygiene paper).

Did you know that paper gets recycled around 3.5 times a year on average in Europe? It's like a never-ending cycle! Finally, however, there comes the point where the fibres become too short and worn out to create new paper. That's when we need fresh tree fibres to keep the cycle going. The good news is that these new fibres come from renewable, sustainably-managed forests, ensuring the loop continues.

Here are some mind-blowing stats: 56% of the fibre used in Europe for making paper and paper packaging actually comes from recycled paper. Talk about closing the loop! And: 74% of paper and a whopping 83% of paper-based packaging in Europe gets recycled into shiny new products. 

Isn't it incredible how paper can have such a positive impact on the environment when we recycle it? So let's keep the paper revolution going strong!

"74% of paper and 83% of paper-based packaging is recycled into new products." Love Paper

3. Paper helps to tackle climate change

Paper is a superstar in the circular economy game. It's not only fundamental but also has some fantastic benefits. Here's a mind-blowing stat: 62% of the energy used by European pulp and paper mills comes from renewable sources. That's a lot of green power! And get this: a whopping 96% of on-site electricity production is through super-efficient combined heat and power units. Talk about energy efficiency!

But that's not all. The European paper industry has achieved some remarkable feats. Despite a 45% increase in production, it has managed to significantly reduce energy and water consumption, as well as emissions to air and water, between 1991 and 2020. Further, the European paper industry has slashed its carbon emissions by a whopping 26% since 2005. That's a massive reduction! 

But what does paper have to do with tackling climate change, you ask? Well, choosing paper packaging is a smart move. Forests, which provide the raw material for paper, play a vital role in the global carbon cycle. You see, as trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A significant portion of that carbon gets locked up in the wood fibre. In fact, around half of the dry weight of wood is carbon itself!

But here's where it gets even more remarkable. A healthy forest holds about 30% of the sequestered carbon in its biomass, while a whopping 70% is stored in the soil. With responsible forest management and replanting, these long-term carbon stocks are maintained. In other words, forests act as carbon sinks, helping mitigate climate change's effects by keeping carbon locked away from the atmosphere.

Incredibly, wood products, including paper, lock away a massive 693 million tonnes of CO2 annually. That's like removing 693 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year! While paper products may have a relatively short lifespan (except for those treasured books and archived documents), their climate change benefits are extended through recycling. That's right, even after recycling, wood fibres continue to store sequestered carbon.

So, next time you choose paper, remember that you're not just getting a fantastic product. You're also making a positive impact on the environment and helping to tackle climate change. It's a win-win situation!

"EU forests absorb around 10% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions each year." European Commission, 2019

Greener Mail: Partnering for Sustainable Solutions

At Greener Mail, we're proud to be a partner-level member of the Love Paper campaign. We share a common goal of promoting the sustainable benefits of paper and paper-based marketing and packaging. 

Our commitment extends beyond words—we offer carbon-balanced services through our partnership with the World Land Trust. So when you choose us for your print jobs, direct mail campaigns, leaflet distribution, or pick & pack contracts, you can proudly display the trio of logos representing our sustainable practices: the Greener Mail logo, the Love Paper logo, and the Carbon Balanced Print logo.

By using Greener Mail services, you contribute to combating climate change. Our services show you exactly how many kg of carbon you have balanced and how many m2 of endangered carbon-rich habitats you have protected - you even get certificates and much more collateral to demonstrate your positive impact.

Make an Instant Impact Today

It's time to consider your business's environmental impact and how you communicate your greener messaging. By choosing Greener Mail and aligning with the Love Paper campaign, you take a significant step toward harnessing the power of paper for good. Together, we can combat climate change, protect our natural resources, and make a lasting impact.

Embrace the paper revolution!

To discover more about Love Paper or to join, visit:

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