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Did you know that forests are like the lungs of the Earth, providing us with 30% of our oxygen?

... And not only that, but they're home to a whopping 80% of amphibian species, 75% of bird species, and 68% of mammal species!

But here's the not-so-super news: we've lost around 420 million hectares of forest since 1990 - an area 17 times larger than the UK! But don't worry; you can be part of the solution.

To put this in perspective, without forest’s we won’t be able to move from A to B. A is the present and B is the future.

With Carbon Balanced print, you protect and preserve the world's most endangered forests and, in turn, create an instant positive impact on the environment.

Your print for leaflet distribution, direct mail and pick & pack packaging can now be carbon balanced (AKA carbon neutral) using Greener Mail.

On this page we share:

1. The disappointing truth about planting trees alone: what do the stats tell us, rather than mass media or propaganda
2. The more impactful approach to reducing carbon: protecting and preserving.
3. Your most sustainable solution for print based marketing: carbon balancing with the World Land Trust.

What is Carbon Balanced Print

To simply put it, with carbon-balanced print the environmental impact of your marketing materials is offset (balanced) through the protection and restoration of endangered woodland and habitats.

The World Land Trust (WLT) programme balances emissions through the protection of forests that are imminently threatened, the destruction of which would release greenhouse gases, and through the restoration of forest habitats, which sequester atmospheric carbon as they grow.

To learn more about the WLT, read our blog: Partnering With the World Land Trust

Eco-Friendly or Carbon Balanced?

Going carbon-balanced is an eco-friendly choice. Print itself is generally eco-friendly, as paper is recyclable and new paper products often contain a certain percentage of recycled material.

The main difference between carbon-balanced and eco-friendly print is you are helping to preserve and protect endangered, carbon-rich habitats through the work of the World Land Trust.

Choosing carbon-balanced means choosing to actively make a positive impact on the environment now.

Below is a comparison between standard paper, eco-friendly paper and carbon balanced paper. As you can see, carbon-balanced print is such a strong choice.



Carbon Balanced

Smooth Texture

Low Carbon Emissions

Produced with Renewable Raw Materials

FSC Certification

PEFC Certification

Instant Positive Impact on Environment

Carbon-Balanced Certification

Protects Endangered Habitats

Restores Damaged Habitats

World Land Trust Certification (showing kg of CO2 balanced and m2 of threatened habitat protected)

Make a Real Difference

So why choose Carbon Balanced? Well, it's a no-brainer, really. It meets the demand for sustainability while making a real difference. You're tackling carbon emissions, fighting deforestation, and saving endangered species. It's a win-win-win!

"To avoid the most significant effects of climate breakdown, we must halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions before 2050. - Science-Based Targets Initiative

As an accredited World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Printer, we've measured our carbon emissions and balanced them out through their global Carbon Balanced projects. That means we can offer you Carbon Balanced Print and Paper-based Packaging and beautiful certificates to demonstrate how you're doing your bit.

Join us on this exciting journey of saving the planet and making a positive impact. Together, we can create a greener, brighter future for all.


"55% of young people in the UK say they would be more loyal to a brand that was reducing its carbon footprint." Carbon Trust


"66% of global consumers say they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands." Nielsen

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